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Industrial Design

Pre-Industrial Design Program

*due August 1 by 4PM MST 

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Professional Program

*due May 1st by 9:30AM MST

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The Blue Book contains guidelines for the professional presentation of resumes, cover letters, interviews, negotiations, etiquette, and dress and grooming standards. 

More specifically, The Blue Book...

  • Construction Management Emphasis
  • Facility and Property Management Emphasis
  • Industrial Design
  • Information Technology
  • Manufacturing Engineering Technology
  • Technology and Engineering Studies Teaching Emphasis...

Graduation Forms


Graduation Application Deadlines:

April Graduation: November 15
June Graduation: February 15
August Graduation: April 15
December Graduation: September 15
***NOTE: ...


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For any work or internship experience, please refer to the Internship/New Hire Guidelines in the Blue Book.


Construction Management: Work Experience Requirements

As part of the Construction Management Major, you are...