Joint MS/MBA Program

A joint MS/MBA degree is offered to students applying to the MS program in Manufacturing Systems who also wish to apply to the MBA program. (Normally, students may apply to the MBA program only after several years of work experience following their BS degree.) Independent admission to both programs is required for the joint degree and applications are approved separately by the two departments. Students applying to both programs must mention their intention to participate in the joint program in each letter of intent. If an applicant is denied admission to the MBA program, he or she may still be admitted to the MS program, but not vice versa. However, any students admitted to the MS program may apply for admission to the MBA program during their first year of study.


Students applying to the joint MS/MBA program need only take the GMAT (the GRE is NOT required), but must also take the writing portion as well (MBA-only applicants are exempted from the writing portion). Additional information on the MS degree can be found at  For more information about the MBA program and career opportunities, visit


Program Requirements


Students are encouraged to complete the degree in 3 years (1 year for the MS and 2 years for the MBA), although additional time may be needed to complete the MS thesis work. Students should complete one year of the MS program before beginning the MBA program.




  • 12 credit hours can be used in common for both the MS and MBA degrees. Specifically, MBA 670 (Innovation and Entrepreneurship) is required for the MBA program and will be accepted as an elective towards the MS degree. Additionally, any 3 MS courses (9 credit hours) will be accepted towards the MBA degree as approved by the MBA advisor.
  • Of the 30 hours required for the MS, 6 hours are for the thesis, and 24 hours are for approved coursework, which should include MBA 670.
  • Students must register for at least 2 MS hours in the term or semester to which they have been admitted or they will be dropped.




  • It is recommended that the MS thesis advisor be selected as early as possible, especially if the student plans to defend his or her thesis prior to beginning the MBA program.
  • It is strongly recommended that the thesis be completed and successfully defended before beginning the MBA Core. It is difficult to stop the research and start it again later.




Students must qualify for scholarships in each program separately. The School of Technology will only grant scholarships for MS degree credit hours.