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Welcome to the internship website for the Ira A. Fulton College of Engineering and Technology.


This page is for all majors in the College of Engineering and Technology, and has information on:



Internship Registration


Basic Steps to Internship Approval

Please do not complete any of the steps as listed on the remainder of this page if registering for an international internship. Please follow the instructions as listed on the International Internship webpage

These don’t have to be completed in order, but you should start with approval from department. You can find more information on each step when you continue reading below.

  • International students: Turn in Company Letter and blue CPT form
  • Approval from Department (instructions on website below)
  • Master Agreement form completed or on file (blank forms on website below)
  • Fill out information sheet (link on website below)
  • Fill out online application (link on website below)
  • Read and sign Syllabus Overview (link on website below)



               Before completing the steps to sign up for the internship, you must obtain a letter from your employer if you are working off-campus. No paperwork can be completed without this letter containing the following information on company letterhead:

                      a.      Student's name

                      b.      Both beginning and ending dates of the internship

                      c.      A brief job description including responsibilities directly related to your major

                      d.      Whether the position is full or part-time

                      e.      Signature by the company

               **You must bring this letter with you for steps 1 and 5. Once you have registered for the internship class, you will turn in this letter and the blue CPT form completed by Sister Terry to International Student Services.


1.  Department Approval:

Do not begin this process until you have secured an internship. Before you may begin the application and paperwork process for the academic internship class, you must gain approval from your major’s internship coordinator. If a form is required, fill it out and get it to your professor according to the instructions on the form. If your department only requires an email, be sure to state your purpose of getting your internship approved, include the name of the company you plan on interning with, and give a brief overview of your responsibilities.


These are the internship coordinators by major:



Internship Coordinator

Approval Method

Email Address



Rollin Hotchkiss




David Oakeson


Form must be signed

CFM 199R

 Rachel Terry

Email & Form

Form must be signed

CFM 399R

Jay Christofferson

Email & Form

Form must be signed


D. J. Lee




Bryan Howell


Internships will only be approved after the completion of the first year in the professional level of the Industial Design program (after sophomore year)



Derek Hansen

199R Form 

399R Form

(You may need to save the 399R form and open it directly in Acrobat Reader)

Forms may be emailed


Kelly Marcum


Form must be signed


Val Hawks




Kip Christensen




Gregg Warnick




2.  Master Agreement:


The Master Agreement is a legally binding agreement that protects the experience provider, university and intern against any malpractice incidents or other issues that may endanger any party involved or lead to law suits. An Internship Master Agreement must be on file for every organization where a student is interning for credit.


BYU needs to have a Master agreement with your experience provider's location prior to your beginning work with them as part of an academic internship. If the company already has an agreement with BYU, do not obtain another one unless you are working at a different location. Check here to see if the company that you will be working for has a Master Agreement with BYU. If your experience provider's Master Agreement is marked "HQ", then it covers all locations of that company. If your experience provider does not have a Master Agreement, you need to print one out and request that your experience provider fill it out.  Click here for a PDF form of the Master Agreement.  Return the signed form via email, fax or in person to our office.

                Location: 250 SNLB


                Fax: (801) 422-0653  

If the company is unwilling to sign the Master Agreement, talk with Sister Terry. International Internships require a different form to be signed; please go to our International Internships website for more information. 


3. Initial Information Sheet:

The Initial Information sheet requests the information that our office needs while you are on your internship. If you do not know the exact address of where you will be living while on your internship, make sure to write in the city and the state. However, we need to have your complete information in order for you to receive approval for your internship. We also use your information to send a form to your supervisor at the end of the semester/term, so please include accurate information for the company and your supervisor. Click here for the PDF form of the Initial Information Sheet.

4. Online Application:

This part of the registration is required university-wide and must be completed in order to be considered to receive credit for the internship. Follow this Link and log in with your myBYUusername and password. This will bring up the Student Internship Application. Read through the instructions, read and check the box to agree to the student agreement, select the semester you are applying for, and select continue. While filling in the required information, make sure to click save after each section. When you are finished filling in the required information, click submit for processing. You will receive an email confirming that we have received your application and that it is being reviewed.

Note: Students whose experience involves international travel (outside of the 50 United States) do not need to complete this IRAMS student application, but instead must complete requirements for International Study Programs at the David M. Kennedy Center for International Studies, which can be found here.


5.  Syllabus Overview:

CFM 199R Syllabus Overview

CFM 399R Syllabus Overview

CH EN 199R Syllabus Overview

InDes 399R Syllabus Overview

IT 199R Syllabus Overview

IT 399R Syllabus Overview

MFG 399R Syllabus Overview

TEE 399R Syllabus Overview

CE EN 199R, EC EN 199R, ME EN 199R Syllabus Overview

ENG T 199R Syllabus Overview




Please bring your company letter and the blue CPT form to our office—you will need to take both your employer’s letter and the completed CPT form to the International Student Office in the Wilkinson Center once you are registered for the class.


6.  Register through AIM:

Once you have completed the above steps and turned in all of the paperwork to our office, we will approve your internship. It will then go to BYU's internship office for approval. Once they have approved your internship, you will receive an email notifying you when you are able to register for the course.

*Please Note: Regular tuition fees will be applied when you register for any internship class. 

If you have any questions about the steps listed above, please call the advisement and internship secretary at 801-422-1818 or email


General Instructions

Each academic internship requires 60 hours of work per credit hour (CH EN requires 400 hours of work per credit hour). All work hours must be completed within the dates of the registered term or semester. Before you can add the course, you must complete the paperwork listed above and bring those forms to 250 SNLB. After you have completed all the required paperwork, you will be given the flag in AIM allowing you to register for the class and begin your internship. Please read through the material on this page and review the Internship FAQ at the bottom of the page.

Note regarding Spring/Summer internships: Students interested in completing a summer internship can register for Spring term, Summer term, or the combined Spring/Summer term internship class. Please see FAQ below for details.

Why be an intern?

An internship is academic, curriculum-based practical work experience in a particular field of study that enhances student learning.  Students must be enrolled for the internship course to receive credit as an intern.  While a qualified supervisor in the workplace directs the larger part of learning, the student is also supervised by a discipline-specific faculty advisor or department administrator who monitors the student's progress and resolves any concerns of the student or the internship provider under policy established by the department/school internship oversight committee.


Not all majors have internship requirements for graduation, but there are still several reasons to register for internship credit.

·Fill credit requirements for scholarship, grant, or other reasons

·Receive legal/insurance benefits by being registered as an intern from BYU. See step 2, “Master Agreement”, above.

·Gain professional experience with an academic mentor

·Fill elective requirements.

·See FAQ below


Finding an Internship

Though you are responsible for finding an internship on your own, there are several resources available to you for finding an internship.

·On-Campus Internship opportunities

·Useful Links: general and field-specific job search engines


-BYU Bridge

·Department job boards and secretaries (not all majors)

·Other students


International Students

As part of the academic internship, international students are allowed to work up to 40 hours a week at off-campus employment, but all rules and agreements must be upheld in compliance with United States Federal Laws. As an international student, you will follow the same registrations instructions as listed on this webpage, but first you must check with International Services Office to see if you are eligible to work and to pick up a blue CPT form.


Going International?

All paperwork for internships abroad must be completed through the Kennedy Center. Please visit this website for contact information and instructions on how to find an internship, register for the correct class, and complete the necessary paperwork. Students completing international internships will complete the same coursework as those interning domestically. See Duration and Completion of Internship below.


Duration and Completion of Internship

Every intern (working internationally or domestically) will have to complete the following requirements for their internship class. Specific requirements will vary by major. All requirements will be listed on Learning Suite:

· Review the course on Learning Suite for specific assignment requirements and due dates.

· Read the Internship and New Hire Guidelines AND complete the Internship Quiz.

· Respond to 2 emails sent out by the Internship Office.

Turn in hard copies AND email a copy to of the following assignments to 250 SNLB on the last day of classes at the end of the semester:

· Student Evaluation of Practicum Employer (PDF on Learning Suite)

· Employer Evaluation of Practicum Student (completed by your supervisor, we contact him/her directly).

· Finalization Form (PDF on Learning Suite).

· Final Report (turn in a hard copy).

· International Internships (Internships completed outside the United States) also require a digital poster and abstract.

Most internship courses are pass/fail. Completion of the e-mail responses, evaluations, and grading of the final paper will all be considered in determining your grade. If any items are incomplete, you will receive an "E" grade. Because this is an "R" course, you may not retake this course to replace a previous grade for a higher grade. Each time you take this class, the grades will be considered individually.

For your major’s requirements, please download the appropriate PDF below:

School of Technology

Engineering Courses

CFM 199R

CFM 399R

InDes 399R

IT 199R

IT 399R

MFG 399R

TEE 399R

CE EN 199R

CH EN 199R

EC EN 199R

ME EN 199R*

*ME EN 199R is only for international students.


Internship FAQ

Which term should I register for to get credit for my summer internship?

Students completing summer internships have 3 registration options: Spring term, Summer term, or the combined Spring/Summer term class. Students registered for Spring or Summer term will only have that one term to complete their work hours and assignments. Registering for the combined, semester-length class will allow the student both Spring and Summer term to complete their work hours. All assignments for this combined class would be due at the end of Summer term. The tuition is the same cost; you will not pay more or less for registering for the combined Spring/Summer term. For more details, click here.


What if my major just requires work experience?

Visit the Work Experience page on the SOT Advisement website.


Can I receive credit for an internship I’ve already completed?

No. You must be registered for the class in order to receive credit for your internship hours. You cannot retroactively count hours. 


Can I sign up for the internship course now and complete an internship later?

No. You must complete an internship while you are enrolled in the course. You cannot count future hours. 


Will the internship class affect my GPA?

Most internships are pass/fail. The issue of pass/fail classes is a complex one. Regarding GPA, a passing grade has no effect, but a failing grade acts as any other failing grade and will negatively impact a student’s GPA. If a student is on any academic standing, including those other than Good or Previous, pass/fail class credit hours contribute to the threshold of when the university will evaluate his or her standing, but the same rules apply for the GPA as mentioned previously. (as stated by the Academic Support Office)

InDes 399R, IT 399R, and CFM 399R have “Inclusive” grading, meaning those students will be assigned a letter grade for their internship class. Classes with Inclusive grading are computed in the GPA as normal.

Have more questions? Contact to learn more.

This page was last updated July 22, 2016.